Passive or active standard requires the careful removal of thermal bridges. The base of the building is designed by compacted foamed glass sub-base that is made in concrete foundation slab. Glass foam has many advantages. It has excellent parameters of thermal insulation, which can withstand high loads and also has an advanced anti-aging factor (without age). Since this is a 100% recycled material with very low energy production costs, its use is appropriate from an environmental point of view. The outer wall with a total thickness of 450 mm, the proposed permanent formwork system made of insulating material. Neopor thermal insulation wall consists of a total thickness of 300 mm, the stability of the wall for ordinary buildings ensures a reinforced concrete wall thickness of 150 mm. Coefficient of heat transfer from the peripheral wall U = 0,104 W/m2K. __ CATÁLOGO

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Imagine a house that is controlled by any part of the world. Supervised systems and appliances, future home that works for you. The use of renewable energy sources. Solar systems, wind turbines, natural water purification.